How to find a job as a scout for a VC firm

How much can you earn?

Scouts are typically paid a percentage of carry-on investments they source. So excluding any upfront cash, your cash compensation, which is normally paid out when that startup exits (typically three to 12 years from the present) equals:

Other investors that pay sourcing fees

Our focus here is venture capital, but the private equity industry employs origination-focused team members also. These are primarily full-time team members, but PE funds also employ investment banks as well as freelance “finders.”

  • You’re going to spend significant time marketing, sourcing and filtering investments, beyond your normal business activities. If you’re going to work for an hour a week, most people are comfortable knowing they may not get paid, if at all, until a decade from now. But if you’re doing more than an hour a week, ask for more certainty of cash and/or equity compensation. I suggest getting clarity on the number of hours/week you’re expected to work, and multiply it by what you consider a reasonable hourly rate.
  • You’re involved in other aspects of the firm’s activities: due diligence, portfolio acceleration, board service, etc.
  • You’re prominent enough that your affiliation with the firm generates brand value.



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