11 Silicea | Dosage and Uses of this Salt

11 Silicea | Dosage and Uses of this Sal

11 Silicea is a homeopathy drug used in some super-infected conditions like dermatosis, pruritic and acne. It is a chewable tablet that dissolves under the tongue. It is a vital mineral salt that reconstructs cells’ ability to adjust the chemical processes.

What does 11 Silicea do?

This particular salt is developed based on the homeopathic heritage of Germany. This mineral salt restores a person’s health instead of just killing the disease’s marks. This salt absorbs into the cells and regulates the chemical processes. It transforms the body’s ability to maintain the mineral balance and normal functioning independently.

Dosage and Uses:

Adults from 12 years can take 1 to 3 pills four times a day. When the condition begins recovering, you should reduce the usage frequency.

The most reliable way of using this tablet is to dissolve it into water half an hour before and after a meal.

As you may know, the mineral must enter the infected cells for successful treatment. For this purpose, the medicines are all according to the homeopathy principles.

The 11 Silicea is a salt for hair, nails, and skin that helps maintain the hair and nails’ elasticity. Doctors prescribe this medicine in case of brittle hair and nails.



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